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TNL Car Title Loans La Mirada CA, Firestone Blvd

La Mirada, CA, 90638
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Car Title Loans in La Mirada, California

You might be curious who actually needs a car title loan and what it can be used for. There are actually a variety of reasons for one to consider a title loan; all you need is a car. Have less than perfect credit? Don’t worry; we don’t require a crisp, clean credit record to let you apply for a car title loan.

We understand the need for a loan is typically time-sensitive or a matter that is somewhat urgent, so we do our best to help you find out as quickly as possible if you’re approved and have your money to you just as fast.

You could even get your cash in as little as a day. How much can you borrow? Our title loans are based on the make and model of each vehicle; your car’s worth helps us determine how much you can borrow; many times up to $25,000.

Car Title Loans La Mirada Residents Prefer

tnl car title loans la mirada caOur employees and customer service professionals understand that our customers are very important and we take every measure necessary to exceed your expectations and assist you in whatever way we can, to make the process easier on you.

We will also help you create a repayment plan that fits your current budget and income so you aren’t left broke again while repaying the loan. No hidden fees to worry about with us but if you happen to pay the loan back before the final due date arrives you avoid paying any prepay fees.

When a Car Title Loan is an Ideal Solution in La Mirada, CA

When might be a time to consider obtaining a car title loan in La Mirada, California? When you need cash fast and don’t seem to have another means of getting the cash; many customers prefer to obtain a quick cash loan when facing time-sensitive matters such as auto repairs, medical bills, unexpected repairs for their home or car, or simply to buy groceries or gas for their car.

Either way, once you obtain the loan, you’re free to use the cash however you need or like.

Apply Online Now or Call Today

It’s a lot easier than some people think to apply for a car title loan in La Mirada, California. We’ve even made it easy enough for our customers that they can apply online at any time; that’s how easy it is! See if you’re approved for a car title loan in as little as a day and have your cash in the same amount of time, if not faster! We cater to the local La Mirada area as well as the following zip codes: 90638, 90604, 90603, 90605. You can also call us at (562) 645-4542 to apply today!

About La Mirada, CA

La Mirada is located in California in Los Angeles County. With a population of more than 50,000 residents La Mirada has been listed in CNN’s Money Magazine as one of the best places to live.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeremy Pena 5 months ago

Amazing company!

I finally got financial help by getting a title loan through TNL title loans. I normally don't like to borrow money, but it is part of life sometimes.
Michael Card 5 months ago

Super great experience

Our house had termites and the money has been really short here lately, so we fortunately were able to borrow money against our Toyota Camry until the money came in from a sales check my husband is getting.
Missy Taylor 5 months ago

Hassle free from start to finish

This company really helped me paid off my house. I was having a really hard time to come up with the money so I gave them a call and in minutes I got what I needed. That really helped me a lot! Now, I am paying my monthly payment with no hassle. Thanks!
Gene Weaver 5 months ago

Greatly helped me with my problem

Our rep was very helpful in our decision making for our loan which will greatly help us for our remodeling projects and this will help us to further our credit standings. She was very good at what she does by explaining all of our options. We would highly recommend to all of our friends to contact Car Title Loans La Mirada.
Sabrina Miller 5 months ago

Appreciate the great service!

I must say, I was a bit of a mess when I applied for a loan at TNL and I'm very appreciative that the staff was very patient and understanding of my situation. I was able to get a loan, not as much as I needed, but it was better than nothing. I will likely be back now that I know how much car qualifies me for.
Stacy Graves 5 months ago

They were very helpful.

Had a major crisis that was going to take about a week to resolve. It was not a big deal but I needed some cash temporarily. Thanks to this company for they were of great help to me. I got the amount I needed without any problem at all. I had paid back the money I borrowed and so far so good. Thank you very much!
Carly Drake 5 months ago

Good loan rates and fast application process

I love this place! Excellent customer service. Good loan rates and fast application process. Everything was made easy and no problem at all. It was a pleasure working with this title loan company and would refer them to my family and friends.
Freida Johnston 5 months ago

So helpful

I called in to get a quote on my 2001 saturn and what the payments would look like, Aylin was so helpful! She got everything done for me same day and it was extremely easy! Thank you again Aylin!
Mable Downs 5 months ago

What an awesome service

I drive for Uber but was short on money and needed it by the end of the week. Minerva helped me qualify my 2014 Honda for 3k, which was awesome because I did have a lot of miles. What was also awesome was I was able to keep my car!
Lana Reilly 5 months ago

Will definitely come back again

I was so happy to get a title loan from the Net Lender. The rates were reasonable and i received a good amount for my 2005 Audi TT. I will definitely come back if I need a loan in the future!
Alexander Harding 5 months ago

Helped me during a tough time

TNL approved my 2001 Pontiac for 3,500$. They were a pleasure to work with with really friendly employees! They helped me on my loan when no one else would.
Jeanne Hodges 5 months ago

Convenient and really efficient

I have a 02' Harley bike that I was looking to do a loan on,but some places do not accept motorcycles. When I called in TNL they took bikes and instantly let me know what I qualified for. Got to keep driving my bike while I had the loan, very convenient.
Trina Carver 5 months ago

Pleasure to work with

TNL approved my 1998 BMW for 2,500$. They were a pleasure to work with with really friendly employees! They helped me on my loan when no one else would.
Doreen Davenport 5 months ago

Very fast and easy process.

Maria explained the application in detail to me and reviewed my documents. After everything was approved the money was available to me. Very fast and easy process.
Ivan Small 5 months ago

Happy with the service!

Contacted this loan place because the previous loan I had on my vehicle the payments were to high. I spoke to Mary and was very happy when my 2012 Chevy qualified. They worked with me to set the payments and let me keep my vehicle!
Aline Dejesyus 5 months ago

Highly recommended!

Qualified for 5 thousand on my Audi when I called in, the process was so simple over the phone. Highly recommend giving them a call!
Emma Miles 5 months ago

Fast and easy service

Fast and quick service! They really helped me out when i was in a tough situation. I got $2800 for my 2006 Mitsubishi! i really appreciate their help.
Etta Bentley 5 months ago

The company is great and so is their customer service

I needed a title loan that was local because I have heard stories of scams or the lenders taking the cars. When I called TNL Minerva was able to go through qualifications, quotes and let me know I get to keep my car. I wasn't planning on having the loan to long so the early pay off with no penalties was a relief to hear. The company is great and so is your customer service
Agnes Howe 5 months ago

Process was fast and simple.

My daughter recently moved out and we needed money to cover those unattended bills. My husband and I both had cars so we called to see what they were worth. Minerva qualified our 2013 Buick for just what we needed to hold us over and we were able to get everything done right away. I like that the process is so fast and simple I don't have to worry anymore
brock top 5 months ago

Happy with the service

I called in to see what I needed to qualify. I was happy to hear they take older cars and would let me know instantly if I qualified. Minerva walked me through the process and I got 3k for my 1999 Toyota. It was a simple process, highly recommend to others with an older vehicle.
Earlene Owens 5 months ago

Great service

My family has always received great service from the net lender. Get people to do business with. I highly recommend

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