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Installment Loans For Bad Credit? Yes, It’s Possible!

By Casey R

Are you interested in getting an installment loan and have bad credit but are not sure you can qualify for a loan?  Rest assured, The Net Lender, may be able to help you get a loan within as little as 24 hours or faster.  Your past credit history isn’t super important.  If you have had a bankruptcy in the past, a foreclosure, a car repossessed, or more you still may be able to qualify with TNL car title loans.

How does a car title loan work in California?  The process to getting a loan with bad credit is as follows.  First, you must have a car that can qualify for the right amount of money.  Due to state regulations and laws in California, the minimum loan amount (in most cases) is $2,510 that you can qualify for when getting a loan.  Why?  Because the state law has made it, unless you qualify for a low vehicle value program, unable to issue loans less than that.  So, the first thing you will need when getting an installment loan with bad credit is to have a car with enough equity in it.  The loan to value ratio is generally 60-80% for a vehicle title loan in California, so you will probably need anywhere from at least $4,000 to $4,500 of equity in your vehicle, however, this will of course vary by vehicle.

Now, please understand that lenders are in business to make money for the owners, employees, and to help customers, so a lender is unlikely to loan you 100% of the value of your car, because if you do not make your regular payments the lender may end up repossessing your car.  The other requirements to get an installment loan with bad credit are as follows.  This is not a complete list of requirements, but you serve more as a guideline.


  • A vehicle that qualifies.  The vehicle generally needs to have less than 200,000 miles
  • A free or title free of liens
  • In most cases the title needs NOT be a salvage title, but it is not a deal breaker if your car has been in an accident, so go ahead and call The Net Lender anyway
  • You must be able to prove you make at least $1,200 a month
  • Full coverage insurance on the vehicle will be required, and you must be able to show documentation that you have this
  • You must have possession of the title to get an installment loan if you have bad credit
  • Identification is important
  • Pictures of the vehicle
  • An accurate picture and reading of the odometer
  • Personal references
  • Professional references

This is a start of what you will need.  When calling TNL it is best to have the mileage available and also the VIN available so you can speak to a representative and figure out how much you qualify for.  There is no risk in just calling to see if your vehicle will qualify.  Our staff has been trained to be polite, professional, and efficient.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us TOLL FREE at 888-539-4724 or fill out an application form on the website.  All information will be kept confidential.

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