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Need Emergency Cash in California?

By MattJones

In life, no matter how well you plan you can find yourself in an emergency needing cash.  You can have a great job, an emergency account, and a backup plan–and yet everything can go wrong because not everything us under our control.  If you need emergency cash in California you may want to consider getting a title loan.


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How does a car title loan work in California and how quickly can you get the money?

Let’s summarize the process on how a car title loan works in California and the pro’s and con’s of vehicle collateral loans in California.  First and foremost, the equity of your vehicle will be the main requirement on if you can qualify for a loan and how much money you can get.  In California for a financial emergency if you decide to get a pink slip loan the minimum loan amount you can get is set by state law at $2,510.  This means that your vehicle must have, in most cases, at least $4,000 of equity in it to qualify for a loan, otherwise the lender–unless you qualify for a low vehicle loan amount–will not issue a loan.

How is the equity determined?  The equity in your car is determined by the mileage on your vehicle, the condition of the title (salvage/clean), the make and brand, the model, and if it has been rebuilt.  The lender mainly looks at the vehicle in order to provide a secured loan and to protect them–this is why you can have bad credit and still get a car title loan for a emergency cash in California .

What other factors go into a title loan and getting emergency cash?

In addition to the equity your vehicle has, and the condition of the vehicle, the lender will look at your credit score (it is not that important) and will also look to see if you have at least $1,200 a month in income that is verifiable.  This means you need to show pay stubs or cancelled checks–the lender wants to know that you are able to pay off the loan.  You should also provide your job status, and personal and professional references.  You’ll need to have 100% insurance on your vehicle to get a car title loan in California, and need to provide identification.

How fast can you get relief for when you need emergency Cash in California?

This comes down to how quickly you start to work with the lender.  The lender wants  to make money.  Generally, 1 to 2 business days is the amount of time it will take to get a loan, but lenders sometimes can get you the money faster on that.  They will need to do the required verification and to ensure that your vehicle has the correct odometer reading on it, and that the other paperwork you provide is accurate.

Whatever the case, if you need money and have a financial emergency call TNL Car Title loans today at 888-539-2135 or click on the application form on this website.

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