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Cash Advance Pink Slip Loan Anaheim

By MattJones
 If you need cash quickly and don’t have any friends or family or traditional financial institutions to turn to, one option is to consider getting a cash advance pink slip.  These also go by auto title loans or vehicle collateral loans and The Net Lender can help you with them.

How do cash advance pink slip loans work in Anaheim?

These pink slip loans (also know as title loans) can be a fast way to get money for a financial emergency.  A huge benefit is you can have a poor credit history and still qualify for a loan and get money quickly.  The other benefit is speed.  When a financial emergency strikes you generally don’t have weeks or even a month to sit around waiting for a bank to process paperwork and get you your money.  No, you need your money now!

How fast can I get money with a title pink slip loan?

It can happen in as little as a few hours, but generally within a day or 2.  A lender will need to see certain documents.  These documents are called “stipulations” and help prove how much the vehicle is worth and the mileage and other types of things

What type of credit score do you need when getting a title loan in Anaheim?

Each lender is different.  It also depends on the vehicle you are trying to get the auto collateral loan on.  The more “valuable” the vehicle you own, the less risk there is to the lender.  This is because the vehicle is going to be used in your loan as collateral to protect themselves because a loan to you is an investment on behalf of the lender.  In most cases you can have a credit score just above 500 and still qualify?

When qualifying for a cash advance pink slip loan what types of autos can work?

First, a vehicle, unless it has a diesel engine truck in it, generally has to have less than 200,000 miles on it.  Secondly, in Anaheim the lowest loan amount you can get is $2,510.  Unless you qualify for a low vehicle value program–then there can be exceptions.   You’ll also need to be able to prove the mileage on your vehicle and have possession of the title.  Also, is the title clean or a salvage title.  These things, including the make and model all come into play when getting a title loan or pink slip loan in Anaheim..

What other things will help me or hurt me for a  cash advance loan for a pink slip in Anaheim?

Monthly income is a big factor.  You’ll need to have at least $1,200 of verifiable income.  That means pay stubs, or cancelled checks, or a way to prove this income is fairly table.  You’ll also need to show employment income–whether you own a business, are self employed, or have a normal job.  You’ll need to provide the mileage of the car which will be run thru a database to make sure someone (not necessarily, you) hasn’t rolled back or modified the odometer.  You’ll need to send photos of the car, and prove you have insurance on the vehicle in case the vehicle is damaged.  Remember, when a lender is giving you a loan they have a vested financial interested in your car.

In general, it’s recommended that a pink slip loan be used for a short-term bridge loan or financial emergency.  The interest rate, due to not having people who have a strong credit score and other factors, generally makes the interest rates higher.

Here are some tips for when you call The Net Lender TOLL FREE at 888-539-6466 or call us at (714) 702-1372 or visit this page here.

  • The mileage of your vehicle that you want to get a car title loan on.
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