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By MattJones

Can you get a car title loan with no job?

This is a common question in the auto title loan industry.  Many people who need cash quickly are looking to get a vehicle collateral loan or pink slip loan.  Many people want to know: Is it possible to get a vehicle title loan or pink slip loan with no job? The answer is: It depends.  First and foremost you need to understand what an auto title loan is how and how it works. Watch this video and continue to read the article below for answers. First and foremost, companies who issue car title loans are in business to make money.  …

By MattJones

How do pink slip loans work?

If you’re reading this article chances are you may be in need of quick cash.  A pink slip loan, also know as a vehicle collateral loan or title loan help you get money quickly by borrowing money against the equity in your car, pickup truck, van, crossover, or sports utility vehicle. Watch this video or continue reading the article below:   How to get a pink slip loan in California and how do pink slip loans work in California? The process for getting a pink slip loan, also called an auto title loan is generally as follows: In the state …

By MattJones

Get a car title loan with bad credit in California

The answer is YES!  You can get a vehicle collateral loan in California even if you have bad credit!  Why?  Because the lender will use your vehicle as collateral for your loan.  First, if you have additional questions on an auto title loan visit the frequently asked questions guide on California title loans to have your questions answered. This article will also explain how you can get an auto title loan in California even if you have bad credit. First, let’s refresh how an auto title loan works.  The loan is made by a lender who uses your car or …

By MattJones

How to get the best car title loan in California

If you are in a financial emergency and live in California TNL Car Title loans can help you get cash quickly.  The purpose of this article is to explain: How to get the best vehicle collateral loan in California! Watch the video or continue to read the article below! There are many companies that provide auto title loans in California, and many of them are eager to compete for your business.  The key to getting the best car title loan in California is to make sure you are working with a reputable lender and furthermore have the requirements that are …

By MattJones

Can you get a title loan online?

Are you in a financial emergency and need cash quickly?  That is the situation many people find themselves in when they are looking to get an auto title loan online in California. Watch the video below or continue to read the article:   How To Get A Vehicle Collateral Loan Online In California: Getting a car title loan online in California has very good benefits.  Some of these benefits are as follows: You do not have to go into a store or physical location You can get money quickly by sending in the documentation or paperwork that is required via …

By MattJones

What are Car Title Loans California Interest Rates?

  What Are Interest Rates for Pink Slip Loans and Vehicle Collateral Loans in California? Watch this video or continue reading the article below:If you’re visiting The Net Lender then you are obviously interested in getting money quickly.  A common question people have is: This is a very important question to ask because if you need money quickly a title loan in California you need to understand how auto title loans work. In California, auto title loans are regulated by the department of business oversight.  Title loan amounts will vary but could be up to $10,000 or more upon meeting …

By MattJones

Are car title loans bad?

If you are in the market for getting an auto title loan you have probably read articles about the dangers of auto title loans, also known as pink slip loans and vehicle collateral loans.  The purpose of this article is to answer the question:  Are car title loans bad? Watch this video or continue reading the article: The answer, as is the case with most things is:  It depends. What does it depend on?  It depends on your own unique financial situation.  Here’s some clarifying information.  First and foremost, a car title loan works by borrowing against the equity in …

By MattJones

Are Payday Loans Or Car Title Loans Evil?

Watch this video or continue to read the article below to learn more about auto title loans.  It’s easy to look at interest rates of products like payday loans and car title loans and instantly jump to the conclusion that they are evil.  However, one must do more research beyond just looking at the interest rates that lenders charge.  Furthermore, many regulations that are imposed on auto title lenders make it harder for new lenders to enter the market.  Generally, competition drives prices down.  Check out this interesting post from Freakonomics to get so more perspective. As always, be sure …

By MattJones

News on car title loans

The “American Bankers Association submitted a report to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin last month calling for an end to the CFPB’s proposed payday-lending rules and seeking regulatory changes that would allow banks to issue their own payday loans.” Source: As usual, follow the money because banks charge insane amounts of “interest” on a bounced check.  Yes, they may be called “fees” but in practicality it is the same thing.  If you can take anything away from this article it is the fact that banks aren’t against payday loans–they want their ability to issue their own payday loans. Source:

By MattJones

How to get a car title loan without bank account

If you’re in need of fast cash and you have poor credit, a bankruptcy in the past, and are interested in how to get a car title loan without a bank account you will learn how this can be possible.  First, what is a car title loan?  Well, a car title loan is a loan based on the equity in your car.  The Net Lender can assist you with getting a car title loan and we have developed a Frequently Asked Questions guide about auto title loans so you can be educated on how a vehicle title loan works.  Another …

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