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By MattJones

I have Extremely Bad Credit. Can I still get a Title Loan?

Yes! At The Net Lender, credit is not that important of a metric in getting approved for a car title loan. Ultimately, what this means is that anyone may qualify for a car title loan even if their credit history is poor. At , The Net Lender, we understand that many people have made unwise decision in the past, and we are still willing to work with them if at all possible.   Watch this video to learn more or continue to read the article below. Here is why it may possible if you have a poor credit history to get …

By Casey R

I Have Bad Credit. How Will This Affect My Life?

Credit scores are a metric used by lenders and other financial institutions to determine an individual consumer’s “credit worthiness.” This pertains to whether it’s “safe” to give you a loan — that is, you’ll pay it back on time — or whether it’s a risk, and you may be likely to default. Having a low credit score isn’t the end of the world, but it’s something you’ll want to fix however you can. Mainly, it affects your ability to get loans when you need them. This can include credit card limits, car loans, home loans, and more. It could prevent …

By Casey R

Understanding Home Equity Loans

What is a Home Equity Loan? A home equity loan allows you to secure a line of credit against the total value of your home. You’re basically using your home as security, and if you own a home (even if it’s mortgaged rather than owned outright), these loans can help you secure a larger amount of loan money while meeting fewer stringent qualifications than other types of high value loans. It’s essentially a type of “second mortgage.” To get one, you’ll need to have built up enough equity in your home. Understanding Home Equity Home equity is your interest in …

By Casey R

Need a Better Bank? Try a Local Credit Union

A lot of people have had bad experiences with their bank, in one way or another. Hidden fees and other problems can often occur with large, powerful national banks. Fortunately, if you leave one megabank, you don’t have to go to another one. There’s an alternative in local credit unions. A credit union is a nonprofit institution that is owned collectively by its members. They offer the same services as banks, but instead of profits being ultimately distributed to shareholders, they’re channeled back to the members instead. Members are able to do things like vote and elect volunteers for the …

By Casey R

Is A Payday Loan Really Worth Getting?

You’ve probably heard of payday loans. Chances are, there are several storefront payday loan offices within a short drive of where you are right now. You find them in strip malls and other basic commercial developments, alongside sandwich shops and yoga studios. You might notice that there are more of them in lower income areas — that’s no accident. Payday loans are fast and easy to get. Unlike most traditional loans, you don’t need much to qualify, just pay stubs and proof that you’re employed. In just a few minutes, you can get money in your hand, usually cash. Sounds …

By Casey R

The Truth About “Overdraft Protection”

When you sign up with a bank to create an account, they’ll almost always offer you something they refer to as “overdraft protection.” When they explain it to you, they’re going to make it sound like this is something that works to your benefit by preventing overdrafts. Unfortunately, the things they tell you, and the way they describe the service, can be very misleading. The truth is, overdraft protection can actually incur more fees, more often, if you opt in. This does depend on you, your income, and your finances. In some cases, if your income is low, it might …

By Casey R

Car Title Loans in Southern California

Surely you have heard of Southern California, although maybe you know this area as SoCal like most of its residents like to call it. Some of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the United States (if not the world) are located here. That, of course, includes Los Angeles, San Diego, and Long Beach. Southern California has become synonymous with the beautiful beaches located on the south coast that both locals and tourist can enjoy but that’s not the only thing that Southern California has to offer, the region is historically associated with cinema and television production heavily centered around …

By Casey R

Best Car Title Loans in California

We understand that finding good and reliable title loans providers in your area can be a challenge, there are many options around there to pick from but we compiled this list that has the best car loan provider for the most important cities in the state of California so you don’t have to look around to get the best loan.   Alameda Big Car Title Loans Alameda is your best option for getting a title loan in the city of Alameda. Here you can get the best rates in the market and normally you can walk out with loan in …

By MattJones

Car Title Loans for the Unemployed

Many times in life we can find ourselves in a situation where we need money very quickly. And for people who are between jobs this can be even harder. Are you wondering if you can get a car title loan unemployed? Unfortunately, financial emergencies don’t typically happen when the timing is good. They hit when things are rough or when people are already dealing with financial problems. And if you’re unemployed, needing a cash loan can be that much more stressful. Sometimes, financial problems hit people when they have a bad credit score. You may be dealing with a need …

By Casey R

What’s A Title Loan Company Near Me?

Are you having a financial emergency and need money quickly?  Sometimes we are all faced with situations beyond our control and the worst luck hits us no matter how hard we have worked, prepared, or planned.  Sometimes your emergency account can be drained and you can be left with no money for an urgent situation. Consider a pink slip loan for an emergency if you need a loan near you. A pink slip loan, also called a vehicle or auto collateral loan or title loan is a loan based upon the equity in your car, pickup truck, van, motorcycle, or …

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