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Jeremiah Lutes on

Restored my faith in loan agencies

I am the head of the household and I know that pressure one can get from bills and discrepancies in your credit. I used my car i bought before i got married and it turned out to be  such a lifesaver for me. I took out about half of what i was offered and wasn’t pressured any further. Thank you and hopefully my car will be eligible again if need be.

Kim Redding on

Very Helpful Establishment

Significantly  easier than I anticipated. Bryan was really knowledgeable and walked me through the method with ease. If I’m ever in a touch position again, I’m confident that they may be able to help me out! Incredibly nice and highly helpful!

Online Title Loans

The Net Lender is the premiere auto title loan company online. We are the #1 volume leader in title loans because we offer fast approvals on your applications. Our auto title loans are based on the equity of your vehicle and approval can take as little as 20 minutes. The application process is completely hassle free; even if you have BAD CREDIT! Here at the net lender we are able to provide you a loan based STRICTLY on the equity that you have in your car, truck, or motorcycle. Our process is very fast and efficient.

Our Pink Slip Loans (Also called car title loans and auto title loans) are great for those who are in desperate need for cash. Our car title loans begin at $2,500 and within the hour you can have a title loan using your car title as collateral.

It is just that EASY!

Car Title Loans

Do you have bad credit, bankruptcy, or foreclosures? Not a problem! The only thing important to us is that the value of your car or vehicle is enough to cover the loan along with with the ability to repay. That’s what is so great about working with The Net Lender. From the moment you call to the moment we get you the loan should only take about 30 minutes to an hour.
How long before you can start?

Auto Title Loans – You can acquire 1000’s on your vehicle in under 60 mins!

If you have less than perfect credit or even a major discrepancy like a past bankruptcy it’s not a problem. The important thing is that you have own your vehicle: Whether it is a car, truck, or suv that has good remaining value and you can show that you have the ability to repay the loan.

Our model here at the is quick and easy. From the moment you call you can be on your way to getting thousands within minutes based on the value of your car or truck, not on your credit score! Not only that but you get to keep driving your vehicle too!

Car Title Loans are becoming the fastest enabling loan of Americans today. Who wants to go to their private bank only to have your past credit picked apart and be denied several weeks later. Instead you can call now and pre-approved in minutes for an online car title loan and have the money wired to you the very same day!

You can borrow anywhere from your state minimum, which varies, or as much as 50,000 dollars quickly. As we mentioned before…you get to keep enjoying your vehicle with no interruptions to your day to day life, only cash on your hand!

Should the situation arise and you are in urgent need of fast funding, a pink slip loan,also known as an auto title loan or vehicle title loan, from is perfect for you. You can have thousands wired to you in a matter of minutes all without having to leave the comfort of your very own home. Your allowed loan amount will vary depending on how many miles you have on the vehicle, how old it is, and even the condition of the body and mechanics, and of course, current re-sale values. is one of the original online auto title loan lenders in your area. We consistently compete for our client’s important and well valued business all across America and have a very high customer retention and satisfaction rates among our competitor’s. This is due to our highly sought after loan approval system that not only allows you to take out the maximum possible for your vehicle AND keep driving it but custom fits the loan your exact needs. Give us a call today to see if your vehicle pre-qualifies for an auto title loan and we can fund you faster than any other lender out there period!

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The process is easy just follow these hassle-free steps:
  • Complete our online application or call us
  • We’ll gather the specifics about your vehicle. We will definitely need to know the year, make, and model, and possibly some additional attributes/features about your car along with the condition. This will give us the information we need to determine an approval for you.
  • We will conduct a vehicle inspection or appraisal of your car at no cost to you. Chances are your car may be worth more than you think!
  • After we have all the basic information about you we will be able to get the money to you within a matter of hours. Usually when the loan process takes a long time it’s because we’re waiting on information from the client (we know things can get busy at work).

There’s no need to wait

The cash that you’re looking for is just a click away. If you own a car that is paid (or almost paid off), a title loan can be extremely helpful in getting you the cash that you need. Your interest rates will also be much lower on a title loan vs a payday loan. What this means is that even if you have bad credit or no credit we are usually the go-to lender that people turn to in order to get the cash that they need.

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